‘Second to None’ Photos By Ms. Tracy Lee

By jaytan November 29, 2012

If you’ve ever watched a UFC event and considered the photographers in the background, you likely have spotted the famed MMA shutterbug and internet marketing guru Ms. Tracy Lee of CombatLifestyle.com.

Attired in a black tank-top or baby tee shirt with two Canon 7D SLR cameras in front of her, Tracy is as much a cage side staple of any major league MMA event as the referee, timekeeper, and sometimes even the promoter himself.

The U was lucky to have Tracy, a longtime friend of Turi Altavilla and Jay Tan, check out her first U of MMA event. And although she was ‘off duty’ that night, its no surprise that she shot a few pics to chronicle the night.

Check out ‘Second to None’ through the eyes of Ms. Tracy Lee: http://www.combatlifestyle.com/pics/view_album.php?id=3071&page=1

She also grabbed a quick interview with MMA legend ‘El Guapo’ Bas Rutten (he loves the U) for Alienware. Here’s the clip:

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