U of MMA Bouts Impress Under Storm Lights

By jaytan November 06, 2011
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By Julien Solomita
Photos by Laura Baker

Dubbed ‘Storm Cage Fights,’ the University of MMA’s first show at The Diamond was more a reference to the stadium’s resident minor-league baseball team, the Lake Elsinore Storm. However, with the weather hovering at 45 degrees and fighters’ breath clearly visable in the air, the November chill’s presence couldn’t be denied. Still, it was still no match for the warriors who fought in the event.

265 lbs. – Julian Reveles (Team Focus) vs. Luis Cruz (Lights Out MMA)

Julian Reveles set the U of MMA's fastest knockout record with this six-second win. It was the first strike of the night.

Opening up the night of fights up was a heavyweight collision between Julian “Bimbo Bear” Reveles and Luis Cruz. With a startling right hook, Luis Cruz planted the dazed Reveles to the canvas. Only six seconds and one single punch into the night, Cruz had earned a mammoth knockout, marking a new University of MMA record that will likely stand the test of time.

Winner: Luis Cruz via knockout, R1, 0:06

135 lbs. – Dale Jackson (Academy of Striking & Grappling) vs. Anthony Cortez (United Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)

Cortez seemed to be controlling the first two rounds with his takedowns. He was able to find takedowns both by catching Jackson’s kicks and executing a relentless double leg. The main point of Jackson’s offense was in the second and third round when he dropped into guard with a guillotine but couldn’t finish either choke. Jackson didn’t have an answer to Cortez’s non-stop wrestling onslaught, but by having the back of Cortez and attempting (not finishing) a rear naked choke when the fight ended, Dale Jackson left a strong message in the judges mind and won the split decision.

Winner: Dale Jackson via split decision (29-28.5 Jackson, 29-28.5 Jackson, 29-28.5 Cortez)

145 lbs. – Ruben Covarrubias (Team Quest) vs. Quentin Triche (Academy of Striking & Grappling)

Triche stormed out of the gates with strong standup consisting of punches and sharp leg kicks. Covarrubias took some punishment and then slipped a big punch into a takedown. For the rest of the fight, Covarrubias earned takedown after takedown but wasn’t able to do big damage from the top as Triche controlled his posture from the bottom. Covarrubias takes the unanimous decision.

Winner: Ruben Covarrubias via unanimous decision (29.5-28)

160 lbs. – Paul Stone (Team Focus / Ikon Gym) vs. Robert Precie (Colton Brawlers)

Robert Precie (center) and his team after their victory.

Precie was able to show off his strength and wrestling with an early trip, putting Stone on his back hard. Precie went to work with some ground and pound, but Stone found his way back to his feet. As soon as Stone threw another punch, Precie slipped it, lifted Stone off the ground and threw him to the canvas like a ragdoll. Out of position from the impact, Stone gave up his back and Precie sunk in the rear naked choke before the end of the first round.

Winner: Robert Precie via submission (rear naked choke), R1, 1:55

155 lbs. – Mike Hernandez (Team Quest) vs. Spencer Striker (De La O Jiu Jitsu)

As soon as the fight started, both guys began exchanging and landing blows. After a quick stand up battle, Hernandez clinched and dropped down into his guard with an arm-in guillotine that he ended up letting go. As soon as Hernandez had Spiker in his guard he began looking for submissions. He first tried to slap on a triangle, but after Spiker defended the choke, Hernandez swung his hips for a picture perfect armbar causing Spiker to tap immediately.

Winner: Mike Hernandez via submission (armbar), R1, 0:49

175 lbs. – Andrew Detwiler (Kings MMA) vs. Ramon Jaurequi (Joe Stevenson’s Cobra Kai)

Taking the fight on a 48-hour notice, Andrew Detwiler (blue) emerged victorious with a third round TKO.

The Pennsylvanian wrestler Andrew Detweiler took this fight on 48 hours notice, and got the better of the stand-up exchanges from the start. After being taken down by Jauregui, Detweiler executed a wall walk and reversal. After threatening with an armbar, Jauregui was saved by the bell. In round two, Detweiler shot for the double leg and got it, beginning his ground and pound attack from inside the guard. Surviving the big shots, Jauregui made it through the second round only to be mounted and finished by Detweiler’s ground and pound assault in the third.

Winner: Andrew Detweiler via TKO, R3, 0:37

170 lbs. – Ken Ocean (Joe Stevenson’s Cobra Kai) vs. Roman Rodriguez (Unbreakable Gym)

This fight was an all-out brawl as both men were throwing big punches and landing the entire fight. The first round was a dirty boxing war from the clinch. Ocean came out strong in the second, initiating the punches. As the two became tired the punches were being thrown from the hip and the fight was a complete war. Doing more damage and staying on the offensive, Ocean took a unanimous decision, making corner man and UFC veteran / Ultimate Fighter champion Joe Stevenson proud.

“He worked his butt off,” said Stevenson. “That’s what is great about being an amateur; you start off and see where you are at, and where you need to improve, then you turn pro. Ken did great tonight.”

Winner: Ken Ocean via unanimous decision (29.5-29)

170 lbs. – John Flores (Joe Stevenson’s Cobra Kai) vs. Larry Stroud (Team Quest)

Stroud showcased some vigorous stand up as he landed a big portion of the many of punches he threw in the first round. Stroud clinched and grabbed underhooks, tripping Flores fiercely to the mat. Flores’ rubber guard was only able to control Stroud for a short time and Stroud finished off the round with strong punches. In the second, Stroud exploded out of his corner and shook the cage with a forceful takedown. He got Flores’ back and worked for the rear naked choke until the round ended, but could not sink it in, as Flores was tough to finish. In the third round it seemed as though Stroud was beginning to tire. He wasn’t landing as many shots, and Flores took the center of the cage. After clinch knee warfare for most of the third round, Stroud emerged victorious with a clear unanimous decision.

Winner: Larry Stroud unanimous decision (30-27.5, 30-27, 30-26.5)

205 lbs. – Tremaine Rider (United Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) vs. Nick Banks (Millennia MMA)

The fight started with back-and-forth strikes, but both guys were throwing conservatively. After clinching, these two seriously powerful fighters were battling for position against the cage. Banks showed off his strong wrestling when he came out in the second round, tripping Rider and attempting an arm bar. Although he couldn’t finish this submission, he was able to get back up and execute another strong takedown. Banks got another single leg trip takedown in the third round. He worked from side control to a crucifix, pinning Rider’s right arm down and ground-and-pounding away until the fight ended. Banks made a last minute game plan change and was still able to earn the win.

“He [Rider] came from a Jiu-Jitsu gym so I was expecting to get better control,” Said Banks. “I’m a stand up fighter. I like to stand and bang. That’s my strength, but I heard the mat was slippery so I drilled wrestling in the locker room before the fight, and was able to win this grappling match.”

Winner: Nick Banks via unanimous decision (29-28)

As of press time, the University of MMA anticipates announcing their 2012 schedule in the near future.

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